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MonitorClock.com is an online application that provides easy-to-use yet powerful tools for live events. It is designed to help audiovisual and broadcast technicians streamline their work. With our platform, you can use the clock to display the time for events, or use the screen generator to generate a test image through your browser.

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MonitorClock usecase MonitorClock usecase
MonitorClock usecase

Ways to use MonitorClock.com

Online clock
The online clock on MonitorClock.com is a user-friendly tool for displaying the time during events. The clock automatically adapts to the size of the screen, making it easily visible on any device, including computers and tablets. You can use the clock feature as a stagetimer to help ensure that your event stays on schedule.

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Screen generator / signal indicator
The screen generator on MonitorClock.com allows you to quickly create a test image directly through your browser. The text size automatically adapts to the size of the screen, making it easy to use on computers or tablets. This feature is useful for various scenarios such as testing before a livestream, or displaying the source of a video in a multiview setup.

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MonitorClock online clock mockup

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which browser should I use for MonitorClock.com?
A. Our tools work in all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge) and we recommend using a desktop or laptop for the best experience.

Q. Is MonitorClock.com compatible with Google Chromecast?
A. Yes, you can use the clock and screen generator on a Chromecast by clicking the cast button in your Chrome browser.

Q. Is it possible to use the tools without the MonitorClock.com logo?
A. Yes, you can remove the logo by not moving your mouse for 10 seconds. If you move your mouse, the logo will reappear.

Q. Can I still use the clock without an internet connection?
A. Yes, the clock is stored in your cache and can still be used offline. However, other pages may not be available until you have a connection again.

Q. The clock time is incorrect, what should I do?
A. The clock uses your computer system time, so check that your computer's time is set correctly.

Q. How can I hide the menu bar on external display (Apple)?
A. Go to: System Preferences > Mission Control and uncheck the option 'Displays have separate Spaces'. Then log out and log in again.

Q. Can I use MonitorClock.com in fullscreen mode?
A. Yes, click on the logo in the top left corner and press 'Esc' on your keyboard to exit fullscreen.

Q. What is loading in the screen generator?
A. The loading image is to indicate that you have a live image, nothing is actually loading.

Q. Who made MonitorClock?
A. MonitorClock is made in the Netherlands and is part of Judoc media.

Other questions? Mail to: hello@monitorclock.com

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